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Lists only album recordings featuring R. K. as a lead performer, not including singles, videos or extensive credits as a producer, guest or session musician e.g. Pogues’ Sid & Nancy and If I Should Fall From Grace With God (uncredited on several tracks!), Augie Meyers’ Augie’s Back (credited as Ron Carver!), Agnes Bernelle’s Mother The Wardrobe Is Full Of Infantrymen (credited as writer but not performer!), Abana Ba Nasery’s Nursery Boys Go Ahead! (credited as performer but not as writer), Big Jay McNeely’s From Harlem to Camden (no production credit), Tommy McCarthy’s Round Top Wagon (R.K.’s favourite of his many productions, never officially released) etc., or single tracks on compilation albums such as Hard Cash (with Fairports & friends), Get Weaving (Various live at The Weavers' Arms), Texas Dancehall Favourites (with Augie Meyers + Delbert McClinton & Rondells), Pure Bodhran (with Gino Lupari), Undefeated (Various – 1992 benefit  cassette for miners’ strike), The World Is A Wonderful Place (Various artists interpreting songs of Richard Thompson) etc.




The Loudest Whisper


Ron Kavana


Ron Kavana


Juice On The Loose


Ron Kavana


Alias Ron Kavana


L.I.L.T. (London Irish Live Trust)


Alias Ron Kavana


Ron Kavana


The Bucks


Alias Ron Kavana


Ron Kavana

& The Alias Acoustic Band

Ron Kavana

& The Resident Aliens

Ron Kavana

& The Alias Acoustic Band

Anne Armstrong & Ron Kavana


Ron Kavana


Ceol Faoi Sheol


Ron Kavana


Various Artists  inc. Ron

Kavana& The Sherkin Crew


Ron Kavana & Friends


Ron Kavana


Ron Kavana


Ron Kavana & Friends


Ron Kavana





The Children Of Lir  (Polydor Records, 1974 & re-recorded on Fiona Records, 1994)

R.K. sings as Lir & plays in band on '74 recording. Plays in band backing Donovan as Lir on '94 CD

Hello Stranger (Cassette 1977) Demos on cassette for gigs in clubs & festivals. Currently unavailable.

Home recorded solo acoustic tracks + studio with Archie Leggett, Bernie Pallo, Kieran O'Connor etc.

Isn’t That So (Turnpike Tapes, 1980)

Acoustic solo with guests inc. Alexis Korner, Ian Stewart, Bernie Pallo. Cassette only. Unavailable

Juice On The Loose (JOOS/ACE Records, 1981)

R.K. is lead singer/guitarist with Bam King, Nick Pentelow, Charlie Hart, Fran Byrne + Ed Deane

Rollin’ & Coastin’ (Appaloosa Records, vinyl 1983, re-released as CD ‘92)

Vinyl had one side as duo with Gary Rickard, one side with Juice + Frank Mead & Alan Dunn, etc.

Think Like A Hero (Chiswick Records, 1989)

1st Alias CD: Mick Molloy, Richie Robertson, Les Morgan + Mickey Weaver, Abdul Tee-Jay, etc.

For The Children (Etude-BMG Records, 1990)

R.K. songs & tunes by members of Alias & Pogues, Mary Coughlan, Joe O'Donnell, Tommy Keane

Coming Days (Chiswick Records,  1991)

2nd Alias CD, lineup as above + Fran Byrne, Geraint Watkins, Tomas Lynch, Boiled In Lead etc.

Home Fire (Special Delivery-Topic-Green Linnet Records, 1991)

With Tomas Lynch, Kevin Rowsome, Alan Dunn, Fran Byrne, Rod Stradling, Terry Woods etc.

Dancin’ To The Ceili Band (WEA Records, 1994) R.K. & Alias band + Terry Woods (post Pogues split)

with Paddy Keenan, Mick McAuley, Miriam Kavana, James Nally, Rod Demick, Fran Byrne etc.

Galway To Graceland (Alias Recordings, 1995)

Bucks minus Woods = Alias 2: Miriam Kavana, Andy Martyn, Rod Demick, Les Morgan + Leonard Barry

Irish Songs Of Rebellion, Resistance & Reconciliation (Proper Records, 1998) 2 X CD. 100,000+ sold

Classic songs sung "in the spirit the writers intended":  Andy Martyn, Leonard Barry, Gino Lupari etc.

Alien Alert (Proper Records, 1999) Recorded at San Francisco Celtic Fest & other Californian gigs

Live with Resident Aliens: Bob Bradshaw, Chad Clouse, Scoop Maguire, Phil Hawkins, April Cope etc.

Irish Ways: The Story of Ireland in Song, Music and Poetry (Proper, 2007) 4 CDs & book.

As Acoustic band + Anne Armstrong, Mick Coyne, Brian McNeill, Derek Hickey, Shane MacGowan etc.

Madam, I’m A Darlin' (Alias Records, 2007) Two albums on one CD. Private issue - sold only at gigs.

Duets with Annie + Mick Coyne, Liam Flannagan, Micheal Foley, Colm Murphy & Chuck Brodsky.

Munster Hospital Radio: Patients’ Requests (Alias Records, 2008) made as Xmas gifts for pals.

All instruments & vocals by R.K. - satirical rewrites of covers. Private issue but widely bootlegged.

Music Under Sail (Private Issue, 2008) Annual tour of Cork coast by yacht -  live on Sherkin Island

With Dave & Katriona Hennessy, Norman King, Anne Armstrong, John Simpson, Sean O'Driscoll etc.

The Last Of The Troubadours (VFM Records, 2009) Sold only at gigs so far but watch this space...

Tributes to Derroll Adams, Hamish Imlach, Alex Campbell etc., + Anne Armstrong, Mick Coyne

A Treasury of Shanties & Songs Of The Sea (Proper Records, 2011) Compilation of sea songs & shanties

Inc. 5 tracks by R.K. & Crew ( + Fisherman's Friends, Long Dan Russell & the Cod Wranglers!)

40 Favourite Folk Songs (Primo, 2011) Budget 2 X CD: Various friends of R.K. sing their favourites

+ Niamh Parsons, Annie Armstrong, Mick Coyne, Norman King, Tommy MacCarthy, Mungo etc.  

Forgotten People (Real Records,  2014) Songs tell story of 19th century Irish emigration to Canada.

+ Anne Armstrong, Niamh Parsons, Siobhan Peoples, Mick Coyne, Paddy Keenan, Rick Epping etc.

RESPECT! (RKCD 2016): Title track on Travellers' rights + re-recordings/mixes of R.K. songs on Irish subject matter as covered by other artists. All profit to surviving orphans of Carrickmines tragedy.

Freeborn (Real Records, due for release 2017) Celebration of Irish Traveller Music with Paddy Keenan, Tommy McCarthy, Mickey Dunne, Katie Theasby, Blackie O'Connell etc. Profits to Traveller Movement

Who Dat? (Real Records, for future release) Exploring Irish connections to music of Louisiana.

+ Anne Armstrong,  Juice On The Loose, Diz & The Doormen, Jon Cleary, Nick Pentelow, Alias band etc.




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