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Maria de la Rosa(R. Kavana, Chorus translation: E. Martinez)


I set out for Spain with a romantic notion

To trace the paths of Irish volunteers

Who had left their homeland to fight and die on foreign soil

In the late ‘Thirties, Franco’s bloody years.

In a sleazy bodega in the back streets of Bilbao

I met a girl with bright green eyes and long red hair

Maria De La Rosa O’Meara sang in Spanish

A version of She Moved Through The Fair’


    Maria De La Rosa O’Meara

    Sing your song one more time por favor,

    Tell us the tale of your dead grandfather

    And his part in the Spanish Civil War

    Tell us that tale of crazy, noble glory –

    Finn O’Meara and the Spanish Civil War.


Finn O’Meara joined the Basques up near San Sebastian

In the Northern campaign of ‘Thirty-Eight

And kept the supply lines open on the border

‘Til Barcelona fell and it was all too late.

Captured by the Blueshirts somewhere near Lareda

He faced a fascist firing squad that very day

His one last request “Bury me in Basque country

But know I die for freedom not for Spain”.


    Maria De La Rosa O’Meara

    Canta tu cancion por favor

    Dinos la historia de tu abuelo muerto

    Y su parte en la Guerra Civil

    Dinos la historia de la loca y noble Gloria

    Finn O’Meara en la Guerra Civil.

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