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Gobsheen Gombeens

With Anne Amstrong, Blackie O'Connell, Dave Harper & Peter O'Brien. Filmed by Fergus Tighe.

Young Ned of the Hill

Recorded at Gosport and Farenham Easter Festival 2010. Audience video.


With Kevin Finnucane, Conor Keane & Sean O' Gorman at Riches Of Clare concert in Clare Museum 11.06.'14. Audience video.

Pipers Dan
LIfetime award
Album cover by John Minnihan
Pensive G
The fatal glass of beer
Bad Livers
Ted's attic
Alias Norway
Well blow me...
Finsbury Park
Dec & Normie
photo 4 (12).JPG
Fierce fun
When it comes to the Crunch...
Jolly Roger session
Henno gives Maureen da treatment
Thomastown session
Brian, Gino, Tomas & R.K.
The Booze Brothers
Life on the ocean wave
Can you smell them too?
Dave "Stubs" Kay
Cider all round there Ted
100 Club: Frank Mead & Andy Winfield
Cool jacket G
100 Club: Juice reunion
Whatever happened that shirt
Original Alias bassist, Pete Scott
Edmonton: Alias + Arcady etc.
Juice at Bell Inn, Ash
Wot! No Guinness?
Mary Coughlan & Phil Chevron
With Chris Farlowe in Dingwalls
Too cool to pose
High jinks in Liverpool
Alias T&C2
DAZ Mungo, it's whiter than white
Chas E. & me at 100 Club
Sub committee for Alcahol Abuse
Early Juice gig
R.k. with David Bromberg
Alive & Pickin' at Hare & Hounds
Bucks + Henry McCullough
Beware Da Black Nob!
Mixing The Bucks
Recording Irish Ways
Barry, Trudi & Tikker
You take the high notes & I'll...
An Puc
"I like China"
Let's take it from the chorus...
Alias at Merlefest + Tony Rice
Now Mary. behave yourself...
Do you take this woman to be...?
Angry young troubadour
Shoul've gone to Specsavers...
Juice moonlight - Chris Farlowe Band
Annie, Dave, Mick, Mungo & R.K.
photo 2.JPG
Left handed - easy just turn it over
Tony & Gene Michael
Home Fire cover by John Minihan
Never liked soundchecks...
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