When one enters the name Ron Kavana in a search engine such as Google, as many as fifty thousand results (yes, 50.000 + !!!) suddenly appear from all across the worldwide web. So here are a few of the more useful and interesting website links from the first 20 pages...


AMAZON R.K. STORE:  www.amazon.co.uk/

GIG REVIEW: www.folkworld-de/35/e/kavana-html

RICHES OF CLARE: http://youtube/hr5nDMrH8a4

IN DEPTH INTERVIEW: www.cindyreich.com/?p=21

R.K. DUO WITH ELVIS!:  http://books.google.ie/books

VERSION OF R.K. LYRICS: www.poguetry.com/pnl.htm

SHANE SINGS R.K.:  YouTube - the Pogues - Irish Ways

PHILOSOPHY OF R.K. SONGS: www.folkworld-de/6/ron.html

PROPER RECORDS:  proper-records.co.uk/artists/ron-kavana

AGGIE SINGS R.K.: You Tube - Agnes Bernelle - Gone Shopping

GLOBESTYLE IRISH CDs: www.irishmusicreview.com/farewell.htm

JOHN WRIGHT SINGS R.K.:  YouTube - John Wright - Reconciliation

ALIAS FAMILY TREE: www.bandtoband.com/band/aliasronkavana

BODHRAN SONG LYRICS: mysongbook.de/msb/songs/b/bodhrans.html

POGUES' FORUM: www.pogues.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=7652

WHEN EGYPTIANS & THEIR CAMELS...:  YouTube -The Bucks - What A Time

ROGUE FOLK OVERVIEW: www.gumbopages.com/music/new-kavana.html

WHO'S WHO IN POPULAR MUSIC: books.google.ie/books?isbn=1857431618

THE POGUES SING R.K.: YouTube - Paris 11 Sept 2012: Young Ned Of The Hill

NORMIE SINGS, R.K.PLAYS: YouTube -Jesus Is A Junkie For Love - Norman King

ONE MAN;S PROTEST IS ANOTHER'S REVOLT:  YouTube - Home Fire - Enantiaful

PADDY'S DAY IN LONDON: folkbuddies.blogspot.com/2012/03/ron-kavana.html

FESTIVAL MARRIAGE OF R.K.: www.dickgaughan.co.uk/ramblings/wedding.html

BRISTOL GIG V. WORLD CUP:  www.andrewrilstone.com/2010/07/ron-kavana-html

THE VOICE SQUAD SING R.K.: YouTube Reconciliation - a tribute to Nelson Mandela

IRISH WAYS REVIEW: www.irishdemocrat.co.uk/nonbook-reviews/kavanas-irishways/

BBC ON R.K.: http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/c6a19f29-0f09-4fff-be06-cde9aab372f3

GALWAY TO GRACELAND REVIEW: http://www.folkmusic.net/htmfiles/webrevs/cdark002.htm

TONDER FESTIVAL FINALE '09:  YouTube - Tonder Festival, Denmark; August 30, 2009 "Ceilidh" - finale

TONDER FESTIVAL FINALE '10:  YouTube - Tonder Festival, Denmark; August 29, 2010 "Ceilidh" - finale

PUNK ANARCHISTS DO R.K.: YouTube - Kilshannig Wager (Ron Kavana)/Hot Ashphalt (Trad) - Shanarchy

8 SONGS WITH ANNE ARMSTRONG: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/anne-armstrong-ron-kavana/id449337004

R.K,'s BARKING AGENT: http://webplus.barkingspider.abelgratis.com/archive/spider/2011_October/2011_October_05_2.shtml